PB&J Fun Factory

Update 2/2011: PB&J Fun Factory has announced that they will be closing end of March 2011. Right after we discovered it, too, darn! They are, however, running a huge sale on remaining merchandise so still worth going.

Free is nice. Indoor is nice, too, these days. When the two combine? You have PB&J Fun Factory, located off of Fayetteville Road in Raleigh.

This is a great little place to spend some time, and our kids certainly enjoyed it. PB&J Fun Factory is predominantly a toy store. But this is unlike other toy stores since they put out a lot of toys for kids to test and try out before making any commitments. Every corner wields something different. There are train tables; play kitchens; cars; motorcycles; puzzles; books; musical toys; push toys; and who knows what else that we just didn’t discover, all out for the playing.

The owner of the store also does special events that are very creative. You should check out their calendar at their Facebook page (see link below). While we were there it was craft time. The kids made a simple magnetic Valentine’s Day picture frame, all they had to do was stick a bunch of foam hearts to it. It was a hit and looks cute.

PB&J used to have an entire back room with Step 2 play sets. That area has been closed, however, and all the swing sets and outdoor gear are now in their natural habitat: outside. Which means that if you want to play with those, you have to wait until a warmer day.

PB&J split the building in half and while one half is the toy store we spent considerable time in, the other half is an area dedicated to selling adult toys. Ok, that came out wrong. Nothing seedy or sultry here. Think Brunswick pool tables, pinball machines, arcade games, Hollywood paraphernalia, and so on. They do have 1 or 2 of these massive arcade games available for free play, and our boys enjoyed testing those out.

Like I said, free is the name of the game here. No entry fee at all. Odds are, though, that you are going to be so impressed by the inventory and the selection that you end up taking something you bought home with you!

PB&J Fun Factory
Facebook Page
Game Showroom: http://arcadegames4u.com/
5901 Fayetteville Rd

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