Moe’s Southwest Grill

A lot of our readers have mentioned how great Moe’s is for kid’s dining. And we have read about it in a few books and articles. So when Sarah C. and I were out and about on a different exploration and we needed a place to grab a quick bite, Moe’s was our pick.

You all are right: this is a great little spot to get quick eats for kids! They are all over the Triangle in highly-trafficked areas like Southpoint, Brier Creek, and even a new one opening over by New Hope Commons (you know, where the Starbucks, Home Depot, Panera, PetSmart, and DSW are).

The food at Moe’s is pretty tasty. They advertise no microwaves, no trans fats, and no MSG. They also state that they have over 20 fresh ingredients prepared fresh daily. Which is pretty big for a fast food chain.

Moe’s has a kids menu with some good options like plain quesadillas and tacos. All kids meals come with a fountain drink, cookie, chips, and a side of salsa (which D actually eats with a spoon. Seriously!). It would be nice to see some sort of fruit or vegetable side, but the kids don’t mind, of course.

Moe’s is pretty cheap to eat at. And parents can even get an adult beverage if they wish.

Even better?! Kids eat free every Tuesday! Hooray for deals!

Plenty of high chairs at all the locations I have been to, and from what I have seen the locations have changing tables in the restrooms. Most locations have limited outdoor seating, too.

C and D seemed very interested at first in the loud “Welcome to Moe’s” that was bellowed by all staff to anyone who walked in the door. It was like entertainment for them. But don’t worry, parents, you will be surprised how quickly you can drown it out and make it background noise.

Moe’s Southwest Grill
Check website for locations (many all over the Triangle)

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