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From Sarah C.:

I’m really enjoying taking D to storytimes. He loves books, it gets us out of the house and they are usually free activities.  All positives.  It’s also a great opportunity to begin teaching him to sit and be attentive for a short period of time.  No, we’re definitely not perfect at it, but that is one of the beauties of age appropriate storytimes – you can rest assured the other parents and children are dealing with the same issues.

Most recently we’ve attended two different storytimes for young children at West Regional Library in Cary: Mother Goose Magic for ages birth to 18 months and Toddler Time for ages 18 months to 3 years.

Technically, D has outgrown the Mother Goose Magic, but I thought we would check it out anyhow since we never managed to make it when he was in that age bracket.  The main dilemma for us was the time fell during nap time and he took two naps almost all the way to 18 months.  I wasn’t willing to give up a nap for a story time as I’m sure all parents can relate!  I really loved this story time and wish I had been aware of it when D was really young (ie, non-mobile days).  It was fun filled with songs & rhymes with movement.  One of the rhymes we did was Itsy Bitsy Spider.  All the kids were in parents’ laps as the parents recited the rhyme and did hand motions in front of them.  Some of the older kids made a few movements themselves.  The downside of taking a slightly older child, as cute as I thought this storytime was, it didn’t hold D‘s attention as well so we actually left this one early and went to the board book area to look at books on our own.

While at that point, let me add that West Regional Library has a lovely, bright children’s wing.  The building itself is a ‘U’ shape.  You enter through a long courtyard in the center.  Adult section to the left and children to the right.  The books for the youngest children are at the opposite end from the entrance – well placed to keep noise from the adult side.  There are a couple of comfy reading areas here, but my favorite is at the board books.  There are 2 small toddler/preschool height tables with wooden chairs and 2 adult size plush chairs.  Books are arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the author’s last name – so all that start with “C” are grouped together but you won’t necessarily find all Eric Carle books together if that makes sense.  It can be a little frustrating for a novice looking for a book, but I quickly realized how smart this was when you have lot of little fingers pulling books out.  I’m betting they do a lot of reshelving in that section throughout the day!

The Toddler Time storytime fit us much better.  It, too, was a mix of story and rhyme and movement.  The latter is so great for toddlers that well, need to move!  During our visit, we talked about the kind of clothing needed for the cool weather that day and in which order to put it on.  There was a great song/dance time that featured a body part song different from “Head, shoulders, knees and toes.”  It really caught D‘s attention and surprised me as it was the first time he’d ever gotten up and joined in.  No, he didn’t hit every body part perfectly or on cue, but he sure enjoyed dancing to the music!  This dance helped all the kids work out some wiggles to make sitting through the story easier.  The staff member also did a fabulous job reading the book with some excitement.  It was clear looking around that some of the kids (regardless of age) had experience from being there multiple times. Loved that and will be taking D back again.

If neither of these storytimes work for your schedule or kids’ ages, check the website (listed below) for further opportunities.  Also consider the evening Pajama Time storytime – it’s fun for the entire family.

West Regional Library
Toddler Time (18 months to 3 years) – Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9:30 and 10:30 *
Mother Goose Magic (birth to 18 months) – Thursdays at 9:30 * 
* Check the events listing on website for days/times or call the library to confirm. There are occasional breaks when storytimes are not offered.
4000 Louis Stephens Drive

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