Woodplay Playsets

Having some time to kill near the RDU airport the other day, I decided to take C to Woodplay off of Lumley drive. Honestly, he probably would have been fine in the car staring at the planes going by, but I made an executive decision on this one (I lose executive decision making at mealtimes, it seems, but I gain it back in other ways…).

Woodplay systems is very similar to Rainbow Play: it is a showroom for a company whose primary mission is to sell wooden playsets and other outdoor things.

This showroom has a lot of goodies in it though and is very fun for kids to play in! Woodplay sells trampolines, so they have some to demo; Step 2 climbers; basketball hoops; water tables; kids’ outdoor chairs and benches; swings; castles and playhouses; and who knows what else we just didn’t discover.

Unlike Rainbow Play, though, there is no option to come in and pay to play. So we were approached by a sales person. I will say he was not at all pushy (although I do think they were curious about why I was whipping out my camera- Research!). And because it is a showroom and not a play spot, we didn’t linger too terribly long (plus Aunt Britt made it to the airport quickly and needed picked up). But we still put some damage on a few basketball hoops and swings.

In addition to the indoor area, there are a lot of play systems outside to try. So again in the name of Research we tried those out, too. Even though this is right off of Lumley, which can be a busy road, it never felt as though C was in danger of careening into traffic. But it still bears watching your kid, of course.

And, like I said, C was pretty happy to see the airplanes flying overhead so this was a winning stop for us. Score 1 for the executive decision-maker!

Woodplay Playsets offers a variety of options for configuration of your playset if you want to buy. And you can add on later. But as with any wood jungle gym, you still need to be prepared to pay to play.

The good news is the Woodplay is having a Spring Open House on March 26, 2011 paired with a big sale (free installation and %s off). See sidebar for Open House information.

Woodplay of the Carolinas
9521 Lumley Road

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