Sparian’s Bowling Boutique

Bowling has just been taken to a whole new level. Sparians in North Hills recently opened, and this bowling “boutique and bistro,” as it calls itself, will make you reassess how you view bowling. No more 70s era carpets, frozen pizzas, and Miller Lite (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). This place is all about the posh and trendy.

I only snapped one shot of the outside when I was there, since I was too busy inside enjoying myself. But tour around their photo gallery (online). I was impressed with the interior. This place has a full service bar that as a stand alone would be nice. There are actual bartenders waiting to mix for you. The bistro has tasty foods with lots of options.

The bowling lanes are nice and all equipment is state of the art.

All around the place are large tvs and lounge style furniture such as elegant couches and leather chairs.

Outside is a terrace where you can wine and dine (or Sprite and dine). I mean it, folks, this place redefines the bowling experience.

Since this is a bowling boutique, they are definitely open to families and kids, but this isn’t going to have the same down-home family feel as a Mardi Gras Bowl, for example. But the pricing here didn’t seem that much more than other bowling alleys (one game with shoes is $8.00, as opposed to Mardi Gras’ $5 a game plus shoes– neither place offers discounts for kids).

Sparians offers a few huge private lounges that have their own bowling alleys in them, great for birthday parties. You can get private events catered by the bistro.

Also, Sparians pairs with North Hills Kids (our review here) to bring the open play to the bowling alley. It is from 9 am – 11 am on Monday mornings (check before you go). These are pre-bowling hours, which start at 11, so you can’t bowl. But North Hills provides equipment for play and you and other parents can sit on the swank leather chairs while your children play. The tvs stream child-appropriate movies (like Toy Story).

Think of Sparians for a date night or a Moms Night Out, too!

Sparians Bowling Boutique and Bistro
141 Park St at North Hills

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