Allen & Sons BBQ (or ‘Barbecue’)

I like to think of this post as an homage to Hillsborough Hog Days. I know, I know, we’re pretty picky about what “family friendly” eateries we recommend. We just feel like it has to really have a “wow” factor to get a nod from us. And while there isn’t a play space here, and there aren’t any special kids-eat-free deals, Allen & Sons is an institution in our area. So if you are new to town, consider this an intro. Plus it is cheap, delicious, and down-home style dining. Plastic tablecloths on picnic benches? Yes, please!

There are two locations: one in Chapel Hill and one in Pittsboro. We tend to frequent the Pittsboro simply due to convenience. But they are both great, same fantastic food. You can also sit outside at picnic benches if you would like.

Seating is limited and the BBQ here is popular, so you may have to fight for a table. And don’t go for the service…go to get some salty, tangy NC Q.

We get Allen & Sons a lot to go as well. You walk up to the counter, order vats of BBQ and sides, and you are on your way. This idea was a huge hit with our out of town guests when we got Allen & Sons to go and took it over to picnic while we watched some music at the Bynum General Store.

Allen & Sons is run by a family. So you really want to call ahead to get hours and ensure they are open. We were burned a few times when someone in the family (ahem, DH) had a BBQ craving only to find out that the shop was closed for the week because they went on vacation. Good on them!

Also, they are pretty strict about substitutions, which gets some people out there on the Internet pretty upset. But honestly, you can get sides a la carte, and you can get just a BBQ sandwich, or just some BBQ a la carte, which is my way of saying, calm down, because you really can get whatever you want here.

Allen & Sons Barbecue
Website with good information & menu:
6203 Millhouse Road (off of NC 86)
Chapel Hill


5650 US Hwy 15-501
Chapel Hill

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