Briar Chapel Pool

I love this pool. Yes, it is private. But at MiCHill you all still seem to appreciate our reviews of private pools (helping you make a decision on where to join?).

Briar Chapel is a new development off of 15/501 near Pittsboro. We talked about their nice walking trails before. Well, their pool is fantastic, too. And open for membership to those not living in the community (hooray).

There is a sprayground/splash pad area, completely enclosed with tables and umbrellas, for the young kids. And you all know I love some spraygrounds.

There is a large activity pool that has 2 very large slides, a zero-level entry, and some “mushrooms” tumbling water down.

Then, off towards the back and isolated from the activity area, is the lap pool. This is where the adults tend to hang out. You don’t have to swim laps to be in there, perse, but it is meant for swimming and no football, volleyball, splashing, and so forth.

There are a lot of lounge chairs throughout the entire pool area as well as umbrellas, shade sails, and tables. It’s a big place.

There is also a concessions stand open with standard poolside fare: pizza slices, chips, candy, and soda. They don’t sell alcohol, but I haven’t seen a ‘no alcohol’ policy posted as far as bringing things in. They are really strict about not using glass containers, though.

The Briar Chapel pool also hosts a bunch of activities and classes throughout the summer such as movies over the water (you float and watch), aqua aerobics, and days of pool games. In fact, a little tip, but if you aren’t a member of Briar Chapel you can still get in on the days when Healthy Moms offers their Aquamoms with Babies class there (a la the Woodcroft Pool).

Membership to the Briar Chapel pool ranges widely in cost depending on various options, resident status, how many family members and ages, etc., but you are looking at anything from $300-$600 for the summer.

The Pool at Briar Chapel
The Briar Chapel Club
1600 Briar Chapel Parkway
Chapel Hill

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