Chubby’s Tacos

I had referenced Chubby’s in our post about Orchard Park in Durham. Although that particular day we stopped in at the 9th Street location which doesn’t have high chairs, as Sarah C. mentions, but DANG if the price for a meal isn’t awesome. Sarah C. gives us the full breakdown:

We had heard a number of good things about Chubby’s Tacos and decided to give it a try. So far we’ve visited two locations in Durham – 9th Street and Woodcroft Shopping Center. Both restaurants were clean and the employees very friendly. The main seating consists of booths, a few bar stools, one table with chairs and a small outdoor seating area. The 9th Street location mainly accommodates college students so it was lacking in highchairs, but our toddlers found sitting at the table in “real” chairs to be enjoyable and it worked out okay.

The food each time has been delicious and freshly prepared after we order & pay at the front counter. This does mean a little wait, but they are fairly quick in their preparation. By the time our group is organized at the table with kids, highchairs, sippy cups, etc – the food has generally begun to arrive.

All locations offer daily specials. My personal favorite – on Tuesdays kids’ meals are only 99c with the purchase of an adult meal for $6 or more (limit one discounted kid’s meal per adult meal). The meals come with rice, beans, chips, an entree (taco, quesadilla, etc), and a drink.

Chubby’s Tacos | All Locations

748 Ninth Street

Woodcroft Shopping Center
4711 Hope Valley Road

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