Edison Johnson Sprayground & Playground

Nestled next to the overpowering Museum of Life + Science is Edison Johnson park and recreation center. How many times have I driven by this on my way to the museum and not stopped? It’s a shame.So the recreation center is supposed to be great, with an indoor pool, but we’ll leave that to another post and another exploration. This particular day C and I went to try out the sprayground. When, oh when, will Chapel Hill and Carrboro install some spraygrounds? On a hot summer day these are so great. And free!
Edison Johnson playground itself is nice. There is a sandbox area with a small play structure perfect for little ones. This sandbox also has a permanent crane toy that was a huge hit with kids as well as a water “river” feature to play with (and wash sand off with).

The larger play structure was nice, too, over synthetic material with a lot of slides and some nice tactile exhibits and instruments. C was a fan of it.

There are swings here, but only 2 and no bucket swings.

We came here for the sprayground, though. The sprayground here is much larger than the Forest Hills sprayground (although still not as large as that Lake Johnson one). Three large arches gently shoot water and fountains spurt out of the ground at random times. There is an on/off switch that kids can work easily. The water is recycled so there were a lot of moms yelling “don’t drink that water” and “don’t put that water in your mouth!” Rightfully so.

Since this is in front of the recreation center there isn’t a ton of space surrounding the playground which means not as many benches in the shade for us parents to lounge. And, in fact, the playground and sprayground don’t get much shade at all so on a hot summer day either use the sprayground portion and lots of sunscreen or go outside of peak heat hours.

As I mentioned, the Life + Sciences Museum is a walk away and Northgate Mall isn’t too far a drive either.

Edison Johnson Playground and Sprayground
(note that since this is really about the aquatics, this playground does not show up in the Durham Parks locator that we all love)
600 West Murray Street

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