Music on the Lawn Series: American Tobacco Campus

It is so nice that C goes to bed later now. It gives us the opportunity to take him to events like the American Tobacco Campus’s Music on the Lawn series. We lucked out, too, since on this particular Friday night the band there was one of DH’s favorites: Steep Canyon Rangers (if you click, beware, it plays music – I like to warn people in case you are at work!).

Which I should start right away with the observation that the talent that performs at these is great…really fantastic. It is co-hosted by WUNC so they get good people and do a good job promoting. Nearly all the bands listed to perform this season are impressive and strong.

And these events are FREE! That means that while you will be excited and thrilled to be there and put it in your Google calendar 4 weeks in advance so will 2,500 other people in the Triangle. Ok, so I didn’t count but, still, a lot of people generally attend these shows (some Fridays are even more popular than others, of course).

If you envision getting there, spreading out a blanket on the lawn, and having lots of free space to run, you best get there way early. But if you are flexible about your seat and don’t mind sitting cozy with strangers, these are great shows. In fact, despite how crowded it was, and hot & sticky with rain looming, everyone was so incredibly friendly! It really felt like people were there just to have fun, relax, and enjoy. The crowd seemed really nice.

You can bring your own picnic (yes, alcohol as well) or there are vendors here. The vendors are popular places like LocoPops, Mellow Mushroom, and more. They sell limited food as well as alcoholic beverages at the event. Although PSST! tip: if all you want is a beer, head to the bar inside at Tyler’s. You can get one to go, there is more selection, and the wait is generally shorter than the tents outside.

The ATC is fun, too, with a lot of water features, bridges, and places for kids to explore. Plus it is aesthetically cool to look at. You can read all about the history and redevelopment of this spot here. On this particular hot Friday some parents were dangling their toddler’s legs in the water and kids of all ages were splashing their hands in. Although note there are a lot of steps at the ATC, and since it can get crowded just be mindful of having a big, burly someone to help you lug and push a stroller.

Yet despite how crowded the ATC can be, DH and I never seem to have problems finding a spot to park whenever we go. It’s a bluegrass miracle.

Check out the online schedule since events aren’t every Friday, only select ones. But make sure to put one on your Google calendar and check it out!

American Tobacco Historic District’s Back Porch Music on the Lawn Series
Select Fridays May – September, 6 – 8 pm
Blackwell Street


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