Chatham Library Storytime

I love the Chatham Community Library. New and sparkling and beautiful, it is such a wonderful place in Pittsboro. The kids’ room itself is like a dream: beautiful murals on the walls and colored sparkling lights dangling from the ceilings. I love being in here so was pleased to take C to storytime here.

Storytimes are, at time of this publication, held on Tuesday and Friday mornings. These are rarely crowded, although there are other kids here to enjoy, too.
The woman reading was good. She wasn’t sugary sweet and didn’t talk down to the kids, but was certainly patient. She let them run around and mimic the books when it seemed appropriate but also asked them to sit and listen quietly when necessary. She did a great job animating the books and making the kids connect to the stories.

The ages here are more for the 2 – 5 year olds but there were older and younger kids also enjoying themselves.

Since this storytime is in its own room, it’s ok if things get a little loud. Just try to reel your kid back in once they leave the kids room (best of luck, and if you have any tips on how let me know!).

Other things you can hit in this area? If it’s nice, we love Pittsboro Kiwanis Playground for toddlers. Grab an early lunch at General Store Cafe followed by some milkshakes at S&T’s Soda Shoppe. And perhaps even do some shopping at the Pittsboro Toys. Plus, most likely on your drive, you will pass that Dog Wash/Car Wash/Espresso Bar/Ice Cream Shop place! It still cracks me up.

Chatham Community Library Storytime
Tuesdays 10:00 am, Fridays 10:30 am
197 NC Hwy 87 N


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