For Mom: UNC’s Community Classroom Series

This past spring, if you follow us on Twitter, you heard a little bit about the writing class I took at UNC’s Friday Center (yeah, totally paid off, no? can’t you tell how totally awesome and, like, great, my writing is now).

Ok, in all seriousness, I loved this class. And since many of you have asked about it, and since registration for Fall 2011 is up, I wanted to clue you in to this neat little community initiative the Friday Center is offering.

This is their Community Classroom Series. This is not for credit, you don’t need to be enrolled in any special program, and you don’t get certificates or credentials out of it. These classes are really just to keep your mind sharp, challenge you, and encourage you to explore new topics. The classes offered are a huge variety. I took travel writing but this fall the classes are things such as “The Art of Food Writing,” “Digital Photography,” Retirement Planning,” “Authentic Happiness,” and “Money Smarts for Women.” There are many more, check out the link below to see all.

The classes are geared towards people who work or otherwise have lives outside of a classroom. So expect many of them to be offered evenings or weekends. And usually they are only a 5-7 week series.

Also, don’t expect homework. In the class I took, which was writing afterall, I expected to go home and have to write droves for review and sharing in the next class. Not so feasible with a 2 year old in the house and a baby in the belly. But that wasn’t the case. We had a few little projects we were welcome to do in our spare time if we wanted additional help and critique, but no pressure.

All class sizes are restricted in number and fill up very fast. Most of the classes are fairly small in size, too, so you get to really rub elbows with the instructors (who are usually very prominent and influential folks in our area) and other students who share your interests (also called networking).

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here. I love learning and, as a SAHM, I love getting out of the house to use the mind that I loved when I worked fulltime in a General Counsel’s office. You know, the one that didn’t think about when the last poopy diaper was….

UNC’s Friday Center’s Community Classroom Series
100 Friday Center Drive
Chapel Hill

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