The Lumina Summer Kids Movies Series

Not all summer days can be perfect pool days, unfortunately. That’s why it is nice to have indoor options. We, of course, review indoor playgyms here at MiCHill. But this past week I had the occasion to take C to a kids movie at The Lumina Theatre in Southern Village.

This isn’t just your standard pay lots of money, fight crowds, blockbuster kids movie though, like Cars 2. This is a discounted showing of a slightly older movie, screened in the morning, specifically for kids. And it is great.

This was C‘s first movie and, honestly, the actual movie itself was a lot less important to him than was the experience. Plus since he is in that batch of kids that has a hard time sitting still through a whole movie, I didn’t mind leaving early since we had paid so little (Although what happens to Marmaduke and Phil? Does Marmaduke get Jezebel, does Phil get the marketing campaign set? Cliffhangers!).

So how little is a little? Well, admittance is $2 per child. Adults are free if they are with kids. Then they offer a kids popcorn special: 1 small box of popcorn with a small soda for $1. Yeah, you read that right: $3 for 1 child for the entire experience. You can get a season pass for $8.

Doors open at 9:30 am, movie starts promptly at 10:00 am. Although here’s my tip for you: I am pretty controlling about what C is allowed to watch. And although the movie starts at 10 am that includes the credits. Obviously you can’t control credits and for some reason one of the previews was for The Last Airbender, pretty intense. You might want to plan to enter while previews are rolling to kind of skip those if that matters to you.

Of course, if you are later you may have seat issues. But I think a lot of the crowd size depends on outside weather (of course). And even though it was a dreary, rainy day when we went with a reasonable crowd, there were still plenty of seats available.

Because this is a kids series there were lots of hoots, hollers, chatterers, and noises going on. Which I appreciate since sometimes keeping C quiet can be a challenge!

This is a smaller theatre so you won’t find the sort of arcade alley as at some of the other movie theatres in the area, but there are a few coin-operated games around that were also a hit with the kids.

All of the movies shown are rated PG and the list for the summer can be found at their website (below). So check the reviews and IMDB before committing if you want. The series runs end of June to early August, and screenings are Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

The Lumina Theatre Summer Kids Movies Series

620 Market Street, in Southern Village
Chapel Hill


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