Crowder District Park

This park came highly recommended from a bunch of you blog readers out there. Thanks for the tip (as always), and here is Sarah C. sharing her experience:

Can you tell the weather has been a “bit” cooler and we’ve been spending more time outdoors with all these recent park posts? I confess, I love how fortunate we are to have so many beautiful parks in this area to enjoy nature and burn some of that toddler energy!

I finally had the chance to explore Crowder District Park located on 33 acres in southern Wake County recently. With D and my infant niece L in tow, we met up with another friend and her 2 year old. There are 3 playgrounds at this park. We met at the largest one near the main entrance. It has two sections (2-5 year old and 5-12 year old) in a big mulched area. There are trees surrounding the entire playground and provide a reasonable amount of shade.

As the boys began to tire a bit, we strapped them into strollers and walked the shorter of the two paved trails around the pond. Our pleasant discovery during our walk were the 2 other playgrounds which neither of us knew existed. They were both smaller with only 1 play structure each, but still fun. Especially since we had one to ourselves for a good 15 minutes and it was fully in the shade.

The park is home to a number of wild animals. We spotted a small box turtle hiding under a bit of ground cover. We also spied a number of turtles, fish and 1 duck in the water from the boardwalk over the pond. And had a couple of daring squirrels come very close to us searching for food. The toddlers loved watching them.

Before leaving we enjoyed a picnic lunch in the Cardinal Shelter back by the large playground. With the cover overhead plus plenty of trees, it was shady and relatively comfortable even given the higher humidity during our visit. The toddlers didn’t sit too well to eat their lunches (there were a lot of great rocks & sticks around to play with!) but it was still fun and worthwhile.

I recommend putting on your sneakers, packing a lunch (and some bug spray – there were a few pesky ones around) and heading out to this beautiful park to explore. Depending on how far of a drive it is for you, this could be a great weekend day trip.

Full list of amenities:

  • 3 Playgrounds
  • 3 Picnic Shelters
  • 3 Trails – the Outer Loop (~8/10 of a mile) and Inner Loop(~3/10 of a mile) trails are both paved.
  • Open Play Field including volleyball court, basketball backstop and general play area
  • 4 Gardens
  • Pavilion with nature observation deck – benches & rocking chairs to sit and enjoy. No food, drink or smoking allowed in this area.
  • 2 Restroom locations – 1 next to the larger playground and 1 on the opposite side of the pond between the 2 smaller playgrounds (The latter was very clean but did not have changing tables. I didn’t visit the first.)

Crowder District Park
4709 Ten Ten Road
Open daily 8am to sunset
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & New Years Day

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  1. August 20, 2011 at 2:26 am

    This is one of our favorite parks in the southern wake area. Thanks for the write up!

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