Newhope Church Playground – Durham

Thanks to Stacey “S’Rich” who learned about this spot from Tiffany of Healthy Moms fame, we have a new playground to add to our Southpoint trips.

If you are over at Southpoint, we’ve already talked about Piney Woods and Herndon Park as great stops to get some outdoor time for the kids amongst the errands. But there is another great playground in this area down Fayetteville at the all-new Newhope Church.This playground is great and open to the public (much like the perennial favorite Hope Valley Baptist Church playground). It is right off the parking lot, where there are also basketball hoops, and completely fenced in. The ground cover is synthetic material and the entire structure looks new, as in brand new. There are some nice slides, some climbing structures, a very cute ‘telephone,’ and swings (bucket swings, standard swings, and 1 swing for special needs children). Even though the entire playground is designed with older children in mind this was pretty safe (I just got a little nervous around the opening for the pole to slide down) for my toddler, C.

This playground is not big on shade, but it is big on fun. And since it is relatively undiscovered, you and your crew might just have the whole thing to yourselves!

Newhope Church Playground

7619 Fayetteville Road

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