Toys ‘R Us / Babies ‘R Us – Cary

A post from Sarah C. about the new/not new really though Toys ‘R Us. She explains all below:

In recent weeks the Toys ‘R Us in Cary has been undergoing much needed renovations. It had been the same for as long as I can remember and seemed dark & dated. The store layout has been completely rearranged and now boasts a space dedicated to baby items. It was even renamed to share both store names – Toys ‘R Us and Babies ‘R Us.

My last two visits have occurred during the renovation progress. The store remained open the entire time and sections were blocked off for work. The most noticeable changes are the cash register layout and not having to enter through the “customer service / seasonal items” funnel. Now the entry is open and you will find the store mostly split with Toys ‘R Us on the left and Babies ‘R Us on the right.

The electronics section used to be contained in the front left corner and is now a more open space in the back left (reminds me a bit of Target). What was seasonal in the front right is now the start of the baby items (diapers, wipes, safety, bottles, etc.) – similar to the layout in standalone Babies ‘R Us stores like the one in Durham. Along the right hand side are now nursery room layouts and the registry desk. Bigger baby items (strollers, exersaucers, etc) and ride-ons (trikes, bikes, cozy coupes, wagons) fill the rear store space.

Although it was an adjustment finding items in their new spots, I do think the flow is much better. Signage was clear and the store felt brighter & cheerier. I also liked finding fun things like two Thomas the Train tables for kids to play with – something I don’t recall seeing in the old store layout.

The bathrooms also appeared to have been renovated and looked quite nice & clean. I did not see a nursing lounge like the Durham Babies ‘R Us has. (I will check again on my next visit because it may simply have been lack of signage since I was there during the renovations.)

I received a flier in the mail late last week advertising the “brand new” store and grand opening celebrations for this upcoming weekend, August 5-7. Personally, I find the “brand new” in the ad a bit misleading – this is the same store space/location that Toys ‘R Us has occupied in Crossroads Shopping Center. There will be various events & character appearances this weekend. Check our Facebook page for full listings.

Toys ‘R Us / Babies ‘R Us
Crossroads Shopping Center
201 Crossroads Boulevard
(919) 859-1971

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