Which Wich?

Update 1/2013: Which Wich is now available in Durham at New Hope Commons (see address below).

From Sarah C.:

Curious about the new sandwich joint in town, DH & I stopped into Which Wich? at Brier Creek one evening with D. Walking in we could immediately notice a difference from other sandwich shops. The entire left wall is a large menu with a slanted metal shelf below, lots of brown paper bags and red Sharpie markers. The menu is arranged with like sandwiches grouped together. Find your preference and then select a paper bag matching that group (ie, if you want a sandwich with turkey on it, look for the “Turkey” bags). Use the red Sharpie to mark your sandwich choice, ingredients and any extras. Add your name. Then take to the cashier and pay for your order.

While you are fixing your drink and getting seated, your paper bag is taking a ride clipped to a metal cable. It works its way down the assembly line as your sandwich is made. Once complete, your sandwich is slid into the bag and your name & order called.

Kids meals have their own separate bag in the ordering section. Honestly, I almost missed them on our first visit. They are located all the way to the far left (by the storefront) next to a low menu mounted on the wall featuring the “Kidswich” options. Each meal comes with a sandwich, drink and Rice Krispie treat. If your child detests crusts, no worries – there is even a spot on the bag to mark “no crust.”.

We have only visited the Brier Creek location. I did appreciate there were 3 high chairs, but be aware there are only 2 tables (one 2 person table & one 4 person table) that are actually table height. The other tables are bar height and as such will not work with the high chairs. There are also several tables on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

Restrooms are located in the back but there are no changing tables.

Which Wich?

Brier Creek
8521 Brier Creek Pkwy., Suite 117

4025 Lake Boone Trail, Ste. 130
Hope Valley Commons (9.7 mi)
1125 W NC Hwy 54, Suite 201
Durham , NC 27707
919-401-2889 (fax)

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2 comments for “Which Wich?

  1. August 12, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    Go early! I work at Brier Creek and have been a few times. If you go between 11:45-1:00, you will have a long wait! The place gets packed. There is nice seating outside, though.

  2. August 12, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    Katherine, great tip! I’ve only been on weekend evenings. There was a line the first time but not too bad second time. My only complaint was waiting on that 4 person table each visit as it was far too hot & sunny to sit outdoors then.

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