Kid to Kid

Update 11/2012: A new Kid to Kid location has opened in Renaissance Village in Durham, near Southpoint.

From Sarah C.:

Kid to Kid is a consignment store with locations in Cary and Apex. It carries used children’s clothing, gear, nursery decor and toys as well as maternity clothing. The prices appeared in line with what I have seen at other children’s consignment stores.

If you are interested in selling your items, you can bring in one bag as a walk-in for review or make an appointment. Either way, an associate will look through your items, select those that will be kept and make you an offer for cash or store credit. The store credit, naturally, is a bit higher. If you don’t spend all of your credit that day, you can redeem it later using your phone number.

As with any consignment store that purchases from you prior to sale, be aware that your items will be fully picked over and some may not be accepted. The associate will give you reasons why your items were refused (out of date, out of season, too faded, out of style, any damage, too much existing similar stock, etc). The review took about 30 minutes and I missed hearing my name called so if you are in a rush, stay close to the register. Of the 25 pieces of clothing I took in, only 6 were accepted. On the plus side, the store credit almost covered what I had intended to purchase so it worked out fine – I got rid of a few items we no longer needed and took home 2 items we did need/want.

Both stores offer a small play area for kids. The Apex store has it’s located in an open area behind the register. On my visit last week, it was broken down to make space for boxes & boxes of Halloween merchandise (see the bottom of the post for further details). Meanwhile the Cary location has a small enclosed space at the front of the store.

Both stores were clean, full of merchandise (I recommend a lightweight stroller if you must take one in) and the staff was polite & helpful.

** Note: Kid to Kid is holding it’s annual Costume Event on September 10th when they will unveil their Halloween costumes. Arrive early for the best selection. **

Kid to Kid

1059 Beaver Creek Commons Drive

430 Crossroads Blvd.

8200 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713.
P: (919) 248.4898.

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