Time for 2s, Durham Southwest Regional Library

This post is going to be for a very specific age group today. Afterall, this is a Time for 2s storytime at Durham’s Southwest Regional Library that my mommy’s group and I tried out. Hopefully you parents out there with tots can find it useful! For parents with older kids, stay tuned, more coming later this week….

We’ve talked about this library before (see post here) and we love it for it’s location especially. Who wouldn’t love an outing where you can do a storytime, then get some pizza with a kids’ area, then top it off with some frozen yogurt?

This storytime is intended for 2 year olds as it’s title suggests but really any rowdy toddler would be at home here. The point is that it is an active, loosely controlled environment, which is what toddlers do best, right? There were actually very few stories read in the 30+ minute storytime, but a lot of singing and dancing. So C and his buddies loved it. In fact, at one point there were even musical instruments out and we went marching around the room. Fantastic!

The librarian reading the stories was very sweet. She seemed a little overwhelmed sometimes as she had a soft voice and a room with a considerable crowd of close to 20 kids and their parents. It’s hard trying to control that! In order to help, parents are asked in the “rules” to sit with their children and role model good storytime behavior.

The storytime room is located off the right of the library, the best entrance to it being in the lobby of the library. This space is very large so could hold all these families plus some and closed off from the main library so the noise didn’t stream out to those more studious in nature. Go ahead and bring younger siblings in in their strollers, there is space.

For the event you are asked to get a ticket from the library’s main desk ahead of time, which will be collected inside. There seemed to be plenty of kids in here with room for more so not sure what the cut-off limit is. Do honor this system but don’t stress too much about whether or not they can squeeze you in.

Kids receive nametags at the beginning and get stickers at the end.

As of date of this post publication, Time for 2s happens on Thursday mornings at 10:30 am but do check the online schedule below or call before you go just to make sure. Occasionally mornings will be cancelled to accommodate for library staff and special event schedules.

Southwest Regional Library
3605 Shannon Road
Durham, NC
919- 560-8590

Check the library calendar for the full listing of times and locations:

Durham County Library Calendar – All Branches
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