Chapel Hill Gymnastics

There’s a new gym in town. That’s not me trying to be cute, it really is brand new. It opened 5 weeks ago. And I took C to try it out (and coincidentally ran into our Allstar blog reader and friend Laura R. there! What a great time and another reason why we love doing this blog so much.)

Anyhow, the two of us were taking our boys to a trial of the Parent & Tot gymnastics class. At Chapel Hill Gymnastics, much like other places, up until the age of 3 the gym classes include parent involvement and really are about exploration. The very cute and wonderful young lady who ran the class we attended, Chelsey, would show the boys what they could do at various stations. But there was no pressure for them to achieve. Which was good considering they had rather short attention spans given the plethora of things to run into and jump into and roll over. Chelsey was also very hands-on with the boys, encouraging them to try things they hadn’t and certainly wouldn’t think to do on their own (note to self: watch for log rolls down the hallway tomorrow). She had such an easy and effortless way with the kids, it was fun to watch.

It was also refreshing to see the instructor respond to what the kids were interested in. We tried some structured time in the beginning consisting of led activities to music. But when those weren’t holding the kids’ attention too well, the instructor simply changed what we were doing.

So let’s run the list of what other gymnastics places we’ve reviewed on this blog for you for a moment: Tumble Gym in Southern Village, Bull City Gymnastics in Durham, Sport Art Gymnastics in Chapel Hill, The Little Gym in Durham, and if you count it as gymnastics the Gymboree Play & Learn in Durham. We’ve been around. Chapel Hill Gymnastics wins hands down on facilities. Of course, it is brand new so I suppose it should. But it was beautiful and big and oh so sparkling clean. There is, of course, a huge foam pit as well as a trampoline. Which are the best parts to most kids.

Chapel Hill Gymnastics also does a great job of offering a LOT of classes and opportunities for you to get your child to a class. Note that this might change as they figure out what the demand is and what times people attend.

Prices are consistent with other places we’ve tried out for you. Chapel Hill Gymnastics is $118-$150 for an 8-week term (or $15-$19 per class), depending on the age and skill level of your child. There are sibling discounts and you can try out a class for free before committing. If you register for a session mid-term you get a prorated bill. (Note that these prices are identical as of date of this publication to Bull City Gymnastics. Sport Art Gymnastics still remains the cheapest spot we’ve seen to date but the facilities are considerably older. Just trying to lay it all out there for you parents!)

Chapel Hill Gymnastics also has a lot of special events. Check out their website (below) for details.

Overall, we’re happy about this addition to our community. In fact, I am thinking C‘s birthday party next year….looks like a great place to go for a bunch of 3 year olds to expend energy and it is available for parties!

Chapel Hill Gymnastics
7405 Rex Road (the corner of Millbrook and Eubanks)
Chapel Hill

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