Serendipity Gourmet Deli

A post today from Katie about a kid-friendly, casual eatery in Cary. If we get any more outdoor dining kind of weather days, make sure you take advantage! And don’t forget that you can also find Katie on a regular basis over at Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven:

The first time I came across Serendipity it was serendipitous, indeed (okay, forgive me, I couldn’t help myself). We had spent the morning at Kids Together Park in Cary with friends and H and I both needed lunch in a hurry. By this point, I had learned that remotely fancy with H would be a bad idea. A really bad idea. I just needed a good sandwich shop with a kids menu. Preferably someplace where spills wouldn’t end the world and where things came in baskets (read as: no plates to break).

I was thrilled to come across Serendipity, a deli in Ashworth Square in Cary. They were just what we needed—no frills in décor, but really good food. They had plenty of high chairs and were more than willing to help my friend and I get both our children (and all of our gear) situated. I also loved that they have plenty of outdoor seating, which in the end-of-fall weather would be perfect. Although when we went, all we could think about was food and air conditioning!

The kids menu is limited, but tasty. (Also be forewarned, it is hard to find the kids portion on the menu.) It includes mac and cheese, pb&j, grilled cheese, or half a turkey, ham, or bologna sandwich. The sides for kiddos are pretty much limited to chips, but for an after-park lunch at a very kid-friendly deli that just so happens to have great food for the grown-ups, too, that isn’t bad. Besides, H felt like he was getting on incredible treat when he got to eat potato chips!

Prices are very reasonable with most salads and sandwiches between $4.00 and $8.00. I think I have spent more at a fast food restaurant.

My friend and I decided the only thing we would change is the bathroom—there was no changing station. That hasn’t stopped us from going back, though. This was a great stop for our post-park lunch!!

For more information on what we thought about the menu for adults, check out our review on Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven.

Serendipity Gourmet Deli
118 South Academy Street
Cary, NC 27511
(919) 469-1655

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3 comments for “Serendipity Gourmet Deli

  1. MK
    November 1, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    I love Serendipity but tend to forget it’s there…have you had any of their desserts? Delicious! Also they have a Shepherd’s Pie lunch special that is fantastic.

  2. November 1, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    Thanks for the comment, MK! Shepherd’s Pie sounds like it will hit the spot these upcoming fall days, too. Yum.
    -Allison (mominchapelhill)

  3. Anonymous
    November 2, 2011 at 11:13 am

    Ooh… must try out this place… Looks nice and cozy…
    Math Practice

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