Chapel Hill Library Storytime (Ages 3-6)

We’ve already had reader and blog-friend A.G. review the toddler storytime at the Chapel Hill library for us.  But this past Monday, when it was dreary out, C and I took baby-B for his first storytime.  For kids ages 3-6.  Ok, so B slept the whole time.  But C really enjoyed this!

If you missed it the Chapel Hill Public Library is, at the time of this publication, currently in a temporary location in University Mall.  That means the program room for storytimes isn’t anything to win awards.  It is small, the acoustics aren’t great, and it doesn’t feel very warm (nothing like the totally awesome Chatham Community Library children’s room, for sure).  However, this was still a great storytime!

Everything was centered around a theme, with songs and stories to fit.  The ages are for 3-6 but, due to school schedules, most of the kids were on the younger side when we went.  What really made this storytime fantastic was the woman reading, Susan.  I loved her.  In the front of the room two children were having a smacking fight to see who could get closest to the book.  For some reason no guardians intervened, but the storyteller did a fantastic job gently controlling the situation while keeping everyone focused on the books.  I was so impressed with her ability to calmly control the children while still obviously loving her job.

It is recommended that you get a pass at the circulation desk before storytime since space is limited (although we had no problems).  The pass will be collected at the start of the activities.

I like exposing C to new books, themes, topics, and community leaders.  And this storytime delivered on all those fronts.  Check it out sometime!

Chapel Hill Public Library
Storytime for Ages 3-6
Mondays 10:30 am, Tuesdays 3:30 pm

University Mall
201 S Estes Dr
Chapel Hill

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