Rock Ridge Park – Pittsboro

If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you know how much I love Pittsboro Parks (well, for the most part).  A lot of the new Pittsboro Parks have these incredible naturally built play areas.  They are beautiful and also entertaining.  So I was excited when the Pittsboro Parks Blog announced that Rock Ridge Park had its grand opening and the playground was available for use.  When I had the opportunity to test it out with some other fantastic mamas, I went.  This spot did not disappoint.

Rock Ridge Park is newly built and more is on its way in the future. This is just Phase 1 and right now you can have access to: a mini ampitheatre, gentle & paved walking trails, and a playground.  There are also pavilions and picnic benches around.  The entire park rests on 52-acres, meaning there is a lot of space for growth.  Phase 2 will include (as funds permit) a disc golf course, mountain bike trails, a dog park, more walking trails, plus some.

The playground is really great.  Again, this is built with natural building materials and is very creative.  You can’t see the playground from the parking area.  Bear right and after walking a short distance you will happen upon a woodland fun area for kids.  The play structures are made out of ‘wood sticks’ (um, that’s the best way to describe it, although it is completely safe) with slides and bars and climbing walls and things for kids of all ages (no swings).  For older kids there is an 80 foot zipline nearby and a pendulum swing (age appropriateness is up to your discretion, they are designed for children and I saw kids and adults of all ages on these while there).

The hardest part is finding this park.  Directions, as from the Pittsboro Parks Blog – “From Pittsboro, head south on US 15-501 about 3 miles until you get to Charlie Brooks Rd. Take a right on Charlie Brooks Road and follow it until it dead ends onto Old Sanford Road. Take another right on Old Sanford Rd and go a few hundred feet past a nice brick ranch home.  You’ll see a long driveway with a stout metal gate on your right.  That’s the park.

Just for you blog readers, here is a picture of the park entrance (I missed it the first time by):

Right now there is a port-a-john for a restroom but part of the subsequent plans include a permanent bathroom.

(By the way, Mary Hayes Barber Holmes Park used to be called Rock Springs park, so don’t get confused.)

Rock Ridge Park
1397 Old Sanford Road


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2 comments for “Rock Ridge Park – Pittsboro

  1. Marney Whitney
    January 22, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    So glad you got to go Allison, we tried one day and couldn’t find it. I appreciate your restating the directions and posting an entrance photo.

  2. November 12, 2012 at 10:24 pm

    Thanks for this post. We checked out this park today and it was great! We found it no problem by following the directions on the Pittsboro Parks & Rec. site. My kids loved the zipline and the pendulum swing!

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