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When I wrote about eating conveniences for parents over on Chapelboro.com Katie and I started chatting about Tarheel Takeout (and services like it across the Triangle).  Well, alas, they won’t come to where I am but Katie has tried them out.  Here’s her take.:

I am all about things that make Mom’s life easier.  While I am also all about cooking for my family, let’s face it, there are nights that dinner just isn’t going to make it to the table in any sort of decent time if I have to cook it, but I don’t necessarily want to go out, either.  That’s where Tarheel Takeout comes in.   If you haven’t already heard of them, or tried them, you don’t want to miss this.  You see, for a small fee, Tarheel Takeout will go to your favorite restaurant (as long as it is on their list),  pick up your food, and deliver it to your front door.  This isn’t your run of the mill pizza and Chinese delivery (though we like that, too).  They deliver from so many Chapel Hill Restaurants including Sandwhich, Bandidos, The Carolina Brewery, Mama Dips, McAlisters, Butternut Squash and oh, so many more.  And, get this, if you want food from several different restaurants, they will do that, too.

The service has always been fast.  They ask you to allow an hour for delivery, but ours has almost always been delivered much faster.   Of course, it also depends on weather, traffic, and the restaurant you choose.

The fee is $4.99.  You can also include additional restaurants in the same order for a small fee per restaurant.  It really is quick and easy.  You can go to their website (see below), browse the restaurants and menus, and order directly from the site.  Tarheel Takeout takes care of the rest!  Feeling left out in Durham and Raleigh?  Don’t.  They also have Raleigh Takeout and Durham Takeout.

The only downside is for the folks who live in Chatham County.  As of the date of this post, they do not deliver to Chatham, though it’s a wish I will hold on to.  I’ve got plenty of friends in Chatham County who would love to have use this great service, too!

Overall, it’s a great deal whether you are looking for a night off from cooking, a meal for guests, or having a dinner delivered to those friends who just had a baby!  We are certainly repeat customers.

For more on Tarheel Takeout, visit our post on Discovering the Southern Part of Heaven.

Tarheel Takeout

Raleigh Takeout

Durham Takeout

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