Moonshadow Medical Massage

Who doesn’t enjoy a little extra pampering from time to time? Whether as a reward for keeping up with our Fitness Challenge or perhaps a gift for someone you love for Valentine’s, here’s a suggestion from Sarah C.:

Moonshadow Medical Massage, to me, is one of those great little treasures tucked away in a nondescript office building in Cary. I found it over 10 years ago thanks to a recommendation from a coworker. My initial reason was searching for alternatives to medications in helping control my migraines.

The therapists at Moonshadow are licensed and trained in a number of massage and body work techniques to help you feel better and to improve your overall well being. One some of our moms might highly appreciate – pregnancy massage. I’ll admit, I was there once a month throughout my pregnancy. They have a wonderful wedge support with cutouts at the chest and belly making it safe and comfortable to lay face down. In my third trimester, just the act of laying on that wedge, feeling the weight shift and my spine begin to stretch out was like a slice of heaven. Add a massage to that and I was one happy pregnant mama!

Yes, I confess, I look forward to this little bit of ‘me’ time each month. We moms (and dads!) work hard and deserve something special once and a while. And the massage work I have had done has definitely improved my health – decreasing migraines; releasing tension in my back, shoulders & neck from long hours working at a computer and now all that lifting of a toddler!

You can find further information about Moonshadow Medical Massage and the services they offer by visiting their website listed below.

Moonshadow Medical Massage

216 E Chatham St, Suite 110
(919) 466-9494

3500 Bush St, Suite 103
(919) 466-9494

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