Sears Farm Road Park – Cary

From Sarah C.:

With our mild winter, I’ve been trying to get D and I outside to play whenever we can. Looking for a new spot to explore, I came across Sears Farm Road Park in Cary. I had been near it many times but didn’t realize it existed until last month – and what a find! The park is tucked in between a neighborhood and elementary school in west Cary and features numerous ways to entertain kids. The parking lot is located next to the playground with a fence separating the two. The moment D spotted it (before we had even pulled into the parking lot!), he was pointing and yelling excitedly. Needless to say, the playground was our first stop.

The playground features two climbing structures (age 2-5 and 5-12) with mulched ground cover that are separated by natural space and swings. There are two swing areas with toddler style bucket, accessible and standard swings. Next to the smaller play structure is a sandbox. I regretted having pulled our sand toys out of the car a few months ago until we saw plenty of trucks, apparently left by neighbors (reminded me a bit of American Village Park in Durham in that aspect), so D had plenty to play with.

When I finally managed to pull D away from the playground to see what else the park had to offer, the elementary school behind had released for the day and kids were streaming in from the greenway connecting the two. A neighborhood resident in the play area told me many of the kids walk back there to be picked up. Good to know – expect that influx after school on weekdays and plan your trip accordingly.

We walked a bit, explored the open spaces, tried out the porch swings and watched the older kids playing on the basketball courts. A nice way to enjoy a warm afternoon.


  • Play Lawns
  • Playground
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Basketball Slab
  • Kinetic Sculpture
  • Restrooms w/diaper changing station

Sears Farm Road Park…/Sears_Farm_Road_Park.htm
5077 Sears Farm Road

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