Sweet Oven Bakery

Update 2013: I spoke too soon.  Sweet Oven has closed their doors.

With so many spots in Pittsboro closing their doors lately it seems, it is great to see a nice, new addition.  Sweet Oven Bakery in downtown Pittsboro is a fun little stop-in spot to get your kids a fresh baked treat of deliciousness, or yes, treat yourself (especially if you’ve been participating in our Fitness Challenge!).

Sweet Oven offers pastries, breads, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, granola, and more.  They don’t have the largest selection in the area but what they do offer is heavenly.  The lemon cream cheese muffin I got absolutely melted on my tongue, it was so light and fluffy.  They brew Caribou coffee so, despite no more coffee shop on ‘main street,’ you can now get a good, strong cup of coffee in downtown Pittsboro.

Sweet Oven does not have any seating available as of yet (they have a spot where they are planning to put some small tables) but this is a great place to grab and go.  Despite it being downtown, parking has always been easy for me.  You can swing on by and do some shopping at Pittsboro Toys while there or grab some sweet carbohydrate delight and head to Rock Ridge, Mary Holmes, or the Kiwanis playground to enjoy some unseasonably warm weather!  (Do plan to get there early though since they usually close at 2 pm and run out of goods quickly these days.)

Sweet Oven Bakery
84 Hillsboro Street

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