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I love soccer.  Love it.  I never played, but the game moves so fast and is so dynamic it appeals to a prone-to-boredom gal like me.  Such a shame that it isn’t bigger here in the States as a spectator sport.  However, TONS of kids play soccer, love soccer, and embrace soccer.  So when the chance came to take C to the Carolina Railhawks game at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary I jumped.

The season has just started.  Generally games are in the evenings (7 pm), but occasionally they offer games outside of this timeslot.  We can’t do a late game with our youngun’s but the season opener was at 3 pm on a chilly Sunday and great for us.

The Railhawks are a professional soccer team in the NASL, one tier under MLS.  They do sometimes take on a MLS opponent and the level of play is always good.

Soccer and WakeMed Soccer Park makes for a great family-friendly outing.  This arena is small and, therefore, very accessible.  Parking is easy (costs $5 in cash).  And wherever you sit you are going to be really close to the field with great views.  For cheap you can get really great seats.

Which brings me to the point that tickets aren’t expensive, for a pro sporting event that is.  Kids under 3 are free; kids 5-10 are $5 regardless of where you sit.  If you want to sit at one of the ends by a goal you will only pay $10 per adult.  You can also spring for Club seats for $20 or Premium seats (by far the most options in the Staidum) are $15.  Really, though, there isn’t a bad seat in the house and plenty of leg room in the stadium.

One seating issue to note: soccer games usually have a section of loud standing/chanting fans.  Railhawks are no exception.  One section is devoted to fans who stand, yell loud things (no profanity while we were there, very clean fun), bang on drums, and have cymbals crashing.  This is all in section 309.  If your child is really sensitive to noise, try to sit away from that.  We sat in the section next to them and my toddler, who loves noise and instruments, found it a nice addition to the game, but just be warned!

There are concessions available for purchase, including adult beverages, but not a whole lot of options.  I did see fans bringing in their own items to eat and drink, and there was no bag check at the front gate (this is all very casual), but I can’t find official Stadium policy on bringing in outside items.

Carolina Railhawks Soccer Game
Games March – September
WakeMed Soccer Park
201 Soccer Park Drive

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