Rashkis Elementary School Playground – Chapel Hill

A playground find from Katie today.  Hope you are getting out in this weather!  This playground is at an Elementary school so watch out for school hours, but do enjoy:

Last week while we were walking the Meadowmont Trails we followed the trail all the way to Rashkis Elementary where, much to H’s delight, we found a fabulous playground!  Actually, there are two playgrounds, but the one with the smaller equipment is fenced off and locked outside of school hours, unfortunately.  But don’t worry: the larger playground that has open access is great and has plenty to keep toddlers and older children alike busy.

There is an elaborate playset with plenty of climbing apparatus and slides that H adored.  They also have one of those dome shaped climbing pieces, but H was a little too short for that one.  There are plenty of “big boy swings,” as we call them in our house.  There are no traditional baby/bucket swings, but there is one large handicapped access swing, which is very much like a bucket swing, but it isn’t fully enclosed – there are straps with buckles in it, but they didn’t seem to work.  H got in it and we found it was plenty deep enough for him to swing without slipping forward; we just made sure we pushed him from the front.

The ground cover is wood chips.   There is also a large open field that is great for running around and playing ball.

It is a school so there aren’t public bathrooms, etc., and I don’t think you can go while school is in session, but it is a great spot for late afternoon or weekend play!

Rashkis Elementary

601 Meadowmont Lane
Chapel Hill, NC  27517

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