The Bookshop Chapel Hill

I have a new love affair.  It centers around a bookstore.  I love books, and so does C.  Hence why I can not believe it took me so long to walk in to The Bookshop on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill.  This place is amazing.  I want it to be my basement at my house.

The Bookshop is longer and bigger than you expect.  The outside storefront is misleading.  Once you walk in there are rows and rows and piles and piles of books.  It is remarkable.  Even more remarkable?  The stuff you can buy here.  There is a book nook for kids, with a large selection of kids books and also young adult novels.  You can find your standard collections here.  But you can also find gems.  For The Bookshop specializes in rare, unique, and used books.  The kids books can be gently used but that also means that you are going to save a lot of money if you buy here versus over at your big store national chain.

But I was in a specific kind of non-discount-related heaven.  For adults there are many things to drool over (such as original signed letters by Jack Kerouac).  And if you want stuff for kids, gifts that have a lot of meaning, come here.  There are original Raggedy Ann and Andy books, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drews, old grade school primers from the ’20s-’50s and more.  The best part?  Completely reasonably priced and affordable.  Unless you want something that is incredibly rare, you are going to pay decent prices.  I picked up some old primers for only $7 per book.  Like I said, affordable.  Unique for sure.

Plus there are two cats who live in the bookstore.  You can sometimes see them in the front window.  In general this is a great place to visit with the kids.  The books, the selection, the price, the smell of old beautiful books, and the cats make this a fabulous place in Chapel Hill that I encourage you all to enjoy!

The Bookshop 
400 W Franklin Street
Chapel Hill

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2 comments for “The Bookshop Chapel Hill

  1. May 21, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    You should have seen the Bookshop when it also occupied the storefront to its right!! It’s still a very good store in its smaller location.

    You might also be surprised at the quality of stuff you’ll find in the “comics” store a couple of slots to the East. It has some amazing graphic novels, etc. Many are surprisingly serious.

  2. May 22, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    This is my family’s favorite bookstore! In addition to everything you’ve already mentioned, they have a pretty decent selection of knitting/textile and cookbooks.

    This store is also practically right next door to Mediterranean Deli, so we often have a quick meal before making our way to The Bookshop. And if we time things just right, our daughter falls asleep on the way home to Saxapahaw. 🙂

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