For Mom: Vertical Tease Classes (Durham)

Because you KNOW you want to know…and I know you want to know….I am sharing this with you here.  Please do not laugh at me.  And do know that yes, this is a “For Mom” fitness post (a la Pure Barre).

Here’s how it starts: I am still trying to recover my body post-baby and am interested in trying all forms of fitness, the more fun the better.  So when these “pole dancing” fitness classes kept coming up and people kept talking about them I thought, “why not.”  I tried out a Pole Fit class one random evening.

I was supposed to meet a friend there but at the last minute she had a crisis come up so I was all alone amongst strangers in this class.  And I am SO GLAD.  Because, folks, while you think that “pole dancing fitness” would be sexy and you would be whipping your hair all around and being all Demi Moore let me assure you that there was NOTHING sexy about this mess.  Let me back up.

I think a lot of what you experience at Vertical Tease depends on the particular class you decide to take.  The class prior to mine that I was able to watch (since the studio at Vertical Tease, once you find it because it is hidden, is small small small and you literally walk in the door to the business and on to the workout floor, even if there is a class in session) was much different than the class I took.  The one before mine was packed with ladies, they shared poles and took turns, and was much more about learning the basic moves.

My class was more advance.  When we began the instructor, Honey, kicked off her purple leopard platform shoes and had us get right to the business of warming up and doing some strength work with no introductions.  Then, as ours was a smaller class, we each got our own pole and Honey walked us through drills and swings and kicks and lifts.

At one point we were all on our hands with our legs wrapped around the pole.  Seriously.

Honey was a great instructor.  She made it a challenge, since it is hard and it is workout afterall, but also allowed you to laugh at yourself, which you kind of have to to make it through.  Let me add that Honey was very fit, trim, and strong.

I was sore the next day, friends.  It was nuts.  Alas, I didn’t learn any pole dancing moves that made me reclaim my sexy factor and I have newfound respect for people who can do those pole tricks.  But it was really hysterical and fun to mix up my routine.

Vertical Tease primarily focuses on pole dancing fitness classes but they are a fitness boutique that also is pleased to provide Bootcamp, Zumba, and more.  The facilities are tiny, a little dark, and oddly laid out, but it feels like a family and is certainly not an intimidating place to be if you want to get fit.

Do sign up in advance if you can via their online site.  Since the studio is small space is limited and spots go quick.

Above all, have fun you sexy divas!

Vertical Tease Durham
3326 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Suite A120

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