Graffiti Frozen Yogurt

It’s hot so when a new FroYo spot popped up AND offered a Living Social deal (see the link here, still available!) the MiCHill team was there.  Laura gives you the scoop (get it? get it?) on this new place:

Friends, I have a problem.  There is no hiding from it.  I just accept it . . . and sprinkle a few more fresh berries on top.  I am a frozen yogurt-a-holic.  I blame Tutti Frutti.  Their fresh, delicious flavors combined with healthy toppings and their absurdly close proximity to everything in my life makes it easy to swing by for a quick pick-me-up . . . at least 4x/week!  A little bit of peach and blueberry frozen deliciousness mixed with fresh strawberries equals the key to happiness in my book.  And while they are (and will probably always be) our favorite of the frozen yogurt shoppes, S, B and I are happy to test out the competition . . . because, really, it’s frozen yogurt . . . what’s not to like?!

We were pretty excited to see the newest of the fro-yo franchises, Graffiti, opening up near our Harris Teeter on the corner of NC 751 and Hwy 54 in Durham.  Located in one of the side buildings of the Hope Valley Commons shopping center (behind Char-Grill and Rita’s), the concept of Graffiti is similar to other frozen yogurt chains in the area where the patron is in control of their fro-yo experience.  All flavors (at least 10, maybe more, I forgot to count!) are self-serve and the toppings bar is stocked with everything from fresh fruit and candies to nuts and dessert sauces.  Where Graffiti differs is in its atmosphere.  The chain’s tagline is “Be the Artist” and that’s exactly what you are encouraged to do at Graffiti.  Dry erase markers are readily available and customers are invited to leave their mark on the “graffiti-friendly” walls . . . at least customers who don’t need their 2 year old seeing people writing on walls and not getting in trouble for it! In addition to the regular seating, there is a backroom with arcade games, a juke box, couches and televisions, perfect for birthday gatherings or just hanging out with friends.  I can see this place being extremely popular with the middle and high school crowd . . . or, again, anyone who knows the difference between when it is ok and not ok to write on walls . . . which means B will never be coming back here.  😉
Another Graffiti stand-out is the Graffiti Gives Back program where 10% of sales are given to local charities and organizations.  When my family dined there, one of the charities happened to be one that is nearest and dearest to my heart, my former employer pre-S&B, the Ronald McDonald House of Durham.  It’s hard to feel bad about indulging in some frozen yogurt deliciousness when you are giving back to deserving members of community at the same time!

Overall, Graffiti gets two spoons up from this frozen yogurt-a-holic.  The yogurt was tasty, thicker and more custard-like than some of the other chains in the area.  And a trip to Graffiti can easily be used as bribery to keep your kids happy during your weekly Harris Teeter run!  And, as if this glowing review wasn’t enough to get you over to Hope Valley Commons, Living Social is currently running a deal on Graffiti right now!  Spent $7 and get $15 worth of fro-yo!

Happy Chocolate Sprinkes, friends!

Graffiti Frozen Yogurt  (site under construction)
Hope Valley Commons Shopping Center
1125 West Highway 54, Suite 804
(corner of NC 751 and Hwy 54)
Durham, 27707

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