Kidzu’s Busy Babies Bees Class

I have been doing “dates” with each of my boys lately.  It’s been great to do somethinge age-appropriate with them and to just have 1 (that feels like a break now).  The Bug usually gets dragged around to various C related activities so I was excited to try out the Kidzu Busy Baby Bees just for him.  We’ve already talked about Kidzu (in its new location) as well as the morning toddler art class they offer.

This class is offered before the museum opens on one Wednesday a month.  The class is limited to 8 children and pre-registration is required yet you only sign up 1 class at a time – no session requirement.  There is a $4 fee for this.  Each month there is a different theme to the activities.

The class is advertised for ages 4 months – 24 months but, really, the older kids are going to get the most out of this.  In fact, walkers seemed to be the best target age, in my opinion.  There were obstacle courses, music, stories, and more within the 45 minute period.

What I really appreciated about the class was that, unlike a lot of these other tot and infant classes that have music and movement like Kindermusik, Music Together, and Music with Mar, the leader of this session provided a lot of information to parents about developmental milestones and how we could integrate activities at home to encourage our children’s movement.  I appreciate how hard it must be to modify a class for such a wide age range!  The leader did well!

The class content ended early so we could have time to enjoy the museum before it opened to the public.  That seemed worth it to me – to have a wee one who was barely crawling in there before having to fight the incoming summer crowds was great.  Note that if you want to stay after class when the museum opens you have to pay the full museum admission fee.  The $4 only covers the class.

Alas, my terrible summer cold of 2012 prevented me from getting this out before August’s class (best intentions….) as it was last night but do tag this and put it on your calendar for September!

Kidzu’s Busy Babies Bees Class
Kidzu Museum
123B West Franklin Street
Chapel Hill

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  1. August 3, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    Thank you for your great review of our Museum! Please spread the word – did you know we are raising money right now to build a new Museum atop the Wallace Deck on East Franklin? It will create the education corridor of our region! Help us raise the funds to make this happen.

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