CowParade NC 2012

In case you don’t follow us Facebook (which you totally should, we’re fun there), we suggested a “cow hunt” around the Triangle.  Yet another reason for you all to love Sarah C. is that she gives you great information as to how, as well as a place to share your photos:

In case you haven’t seen or “herd” by now – there are a lot of cows running loose around the Triangle. Ok, running might be a stretch considering they are sculptures mounted to concrete bases. But you will find them in a number of “pastures” in the area. A few have even roamed off to locations beyond (PeeDee made his way to Greenville and Paratrooper Cow is in Fayetteville).

With such perfect weather for being outdoors this week, now is a great time to take the family out in search of the cows. They will be on display until December. Maps can be found on the official website (listed below). Many are clustered in popular spots.

Cow Parade: American Tobacco & DBAP

I stumbled across my first cow spotting by accident when visiting Wells Fargo in RTP a couple weeks ago and found Wi-Fi Cowspot. Since then, D & I have been searching them out in Apex, Raleigh and Durham. We both have enjoyed seeing and taking photos of the cows.

Join us in sharing your photos!  We think that if we all pool our pictures we’ll be able to create an album with snaps of every single one.  Help us out – add them to our MiCH – CowParade NC 2012 flickr group.

Besides being a very cool public art project, the CowParade is also a fundraiser for the NC Children’s Hospital. In February, a gala and auction will be held. Money raised will benefit the hospital.

In the meantime, get “moo-ving” and go check out those cows! (And, I promise – next post will be free of silly puns!)

CowParade North Carolina 2012
The cows are on parade until December 7, 2012. 
Find a printable map and links to the Apple & Android apps on the website.

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