Mommy Time: Mindful Yoga

Over the years we’ve been bringing you the occasional “For Mom” article.  But resources and time for “Mom” (or “Caregiver” or “Dad” or anyone who is engaging in this fabulous journey of raising a child) is so very, very important.  By keeping your cup full, remembering who you are as a person – all the joy and uniqueness you give to the world as well as the amazing person you are outside of children – you can raise happy, healthy kids.  Your kids are happier when you are happier.  Period.  Accordingly I am thrilled to welcome Teresa, an amazing parent in her own right, to our folds at MiCHill as a contributor.  Each month Teresa will give us a monthly column called “Mommy Time.”  That’s right, words devoted to YOU and what YOU might want to do for yourself in the Triangle.  I know you’ll help me in welcoming her and telling her how great this column is.:

While I enjoy seeking out new adventures in new places with my littles, sometimes I just need a little “mommy time.” And, if you are like me, sometimes it’s hard to carve out that time. But, have you ever had an occasion when you were given a few hours to yourself (yay!), but then suddenly panic and think, “Oh no, what will I do with this precious time? I don’t want to squander it!”  This is where I hope to help with some great ideas.

I am going to share my current most favorite “mommy time” activity. At Hillsborough Yoga and Healing Arts (which MiCHill has introduced you to before in a family-friendly way), they offer a Mindful Yoga class. Now, I have only been an occasional user of yoga, and I like other yoga classes just fine. But, I love the Mindful Yoga class.

This is a great class for moms because the emphasis is on mindfulness, mediation and relaxation. Something I’ll bet most of us could use more of. It offers a space free of judgment and reminds you to let go of judging yourself and just be in the moment. On the website (see below), they state that “participants will explore where they hold tension in their bodies and learn tools for how to release it. The class will be a mix of asanas (poses), breathwork, relaxation, and meditation.”

Now, if you have never done yoga, don’t worry, it is appropriate for all levels. And since this is mindful yoga, you don’t have to worry about anyone judging your downward dog.

Sound good yet? Here is more to love… the last part of class is a nice long period of the Shavasana pose. If you don’t know what that is, it is where you lie on your back, relaxed, still and quiet. And p.s., there will not be one person there that asks you for a snack or to take them to the bathroom.

The class is currently offered on Sunday mornings at 10:00am, which I find is a great way to help hit the restart button on the week ahead.  I always leave there feeling peaceful and rejuvenated, and ready for the return to mommy land.

Mindful Yoga
Hillsborough Yoga & Healing Arts
1812 Becketts Ridge Drive

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