Stevens Nature Center: Wee Walkers

From Sarah C.:

Last spring, I signed D up for the Wee Walkers class at the Stevens Nature Center in Cary. I had been curious about the Center and Hemlock Bluffs since Allison’s & my visit last summer that was cut short when we realized the trails weren’t so stroller friendly (maybe jogger style but not so much for a large double stroller).

The class was similar to one we enjoyed at Piedmont Wildlife Center in Chapel Hill. The group met in the garden area just behind the Stevens Nature Center building and started with a small discussion about our topic of the day – things that hop (ie, frogs, toads, bunnies, etc). Then we took a walk around the garden and down part of the Chestnut Oak Loop trail in search of hopping creatures. We spotted a variety of creatures – birds, squirrels, skinks, pill bugs, ants and worms – and talked about the different movements of each. Since we didn’t find any real frogs, the instructor pulled out a plush one from her bag and used it to illustrate how they move. Of course, the kids were all happy to pretend to be frogs and bunnies and hop around themselves.

At the end of the class, we gathered together in the garden again where the instructor gave each child a small booklet. We read through it and then brought it home to discuss further and color the pictures.

This class was timed well for younger children at only an hour long and, having young children herself, the instructor knew how to move through the different parts of the class lesson at a good speed to keep their interest.

The Wee Walkers class was not offered during the summer but starts again on September 12th. To view schedules and/or register for classes at the Stevens Nature Center or other locations offered by the Town of Cary, see the Town’s Programs and Classes page:

Stevens Nature Center at Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve…/Stevens_Nature_Center_At_Hemlock_Bluffs_Nature_Preserve.htm
2616 Kildaire Farm Road Cary 

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