Weaver Creek Trail

When I did the post about the Jordan Dam & Tailrace Playground I promised you all a debriefing on our hiking experience that week.  I know you have been waiting with bated breath, so I will keep you waiting no longer.  My boys and I decided to take on the Weaver Creek hiking path off of New Hope Gameland.

You won’t find much out there on the Internet about this trail but we read about it in a handy (albeit older) book we have and we do so like to try things off the beaten path when it comes to hiking.  We love our Haw River hikes- both upper and lower.  And this path is Weaver creek.  Those Weavers must have been somebodies around these parts.

We didn’t have a hard time finding parking for this path.  We parked at the intersection of Pea Ridge Road and Lower Thrift Road.  The trailhead was a little hard to find, though.  This trail is not well trodden so the entrance is overgrown.  Once you get on the path, though, going is easy for awhile.  The trail is beautiful, wide open, through some nice trees.  It was flat and a pretty easy walk.

Although I admit the trail is so wide open that sometimes it’s a little hard to find the yellow blazes.  We turned the wrong way once but quickly got back on.  Where we really messed up was at the 1 mile mark.  Here the trail suddenly changes.  There is an open tract/service road at this point.  Across this tract of land is an area of forest that looks like it has seen a controlled burn.   If you turn to the left here you go through some gorgeous flowers and fields to get down to Jordan Lake.  If you turn right here you can head back out Lower Thrift Road, and eventually you can follow this road to lead you to where you parked.  But going right on this old tract (and I say road, but it is really overgrown, so wear pants!) is not the intended way to make the circle.  We must have just really missed the blazes …. or this trail is closed but we don’t think that’s the case since one of the neighbors here knew we were out on the Weaver Creek Trail…

We had fun going down to the Lake, and we really enjoyed our hike before we lost the trail.  The fields with the little purple flowers was really worth the hike, in my mind.

PSA time: As always, and anywhere, if you hike during hunting season wear blaze orange.  Don’t let hunting stop you from enjoying fall weather but play by the rules.  Especially true for this hike, which is on a state game land.  We had no issues at all but were blazed out just to be sure.

Get out there, families, and enjoy the nature around this

Weaver Creek Trail 
From Chatham Journal
Directions: From downtown Pittsboro take 64E to the stoplight in Wilsonville (~8 miles, this is the first traffic signal you come to after crossing Jordan Lake). Turn right onto Beaver Creek Road (SR 1008, Exxon and Mobil gas stations are at this intersection). Drive ~3.7 miles, passing Ebenezer Church on the right and the Ebenezer Boat launch area. Cross the bridge over Jordan Lake and immediately turn right onto Pea Ridge Road (SR 1972). Drive ~1.1 miles to the parking area on left onto Lower Thrift Road (SR 1907, gravel road). Park on the left in the flat, sandy area.
Description: Begin at the small hiker sign. Follow the yellow dot blazes on trees for 1.5 miles to end of trail. The double dots mean that the trail is making a fairly sharp turn. This trail is on state game lands, so during hunting season (fall and early winter) be sure to wear blaze orange!

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