Dame’s Chicken & Waffles

Sorry I haven’t been able to get more totally rad (the 80s are coming back) posts up, including an A.C.T., but I’ve been hard at work on our first-ever newsletter.  It went out earlier this week.  Did you get one?!  You gotta get on the list.  There were a lot of discounts in the Nov. newsletter for subscribers, more to come in the Dec. newsletter!  Anyhow, for now, let’s talk chicken.  And waffles.

Yes, please!  Fried chicken + waffles + fancy butters and spreads = Absolutely.  I don’t know how long this southern thing of chicken & waffles has been around (I grew up up north) but I have been told it’s a long time.  However long, I love it!  So does C.  And yup, it’s a big ole fluffy waffle with a big ole hunk of fried chicken on it.

Dame’s is in downtown Durham.  We dined here after our Carolina Theatre excursion of a couple of weeks ago.  The inside is pretty small but they do have high chairs.  The tables are topped with butcher block paper and the kids are given crayons.  Throw habit-forming concerns to the wind and say “sure, draw on the table.”  The inside can also get kind of loud and crowded, but the atmosphere is upscale and nice.  Plus, I am pretty sure our group brought the noise with them.

Besides, nothing negative I might be able to find matters.  The food is so good.  There are a lot of variations of the chicken/waffle combo at this dining establishment, and a kids menu.  So the kid in you and your actual kid can go nuts.  Let me tantalize you with… Red Crested Rose Comb: Designed for ATF stardom! Two Chicken legs, a Classic Waffle w/ Candied Pecans and Strawberry Shmear … The Buff Brahmas: The baddest birds of all! Four wings or 2 cutlets drizzled w/Whiskey Crème Sauce, a Classic waffle, Peach & Apricot Shmear.  The waffles are light and fluffy, the chicken crispy, and the shmears totally melty delicious.

Go nuts in here, have fun, and forget your diet.  They do offer a la carte items, salads, and a kids menu that includes fruit.  I bet breakfast here is amazing, too.  C and I both dined for $18.  So prices aren’t outrageous.

Get in to Dame’s.  I believe that “Almost” will soon be gone from their slogan.

Dame’s Chicken & Waffles
317 W. Main Street

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