Shelley Lake Park – Raleigh

Don’t give up on parks yet!  We’re not!  From Sarah C.:

Yes, the weather is getting cooler, but that doesn’t mean that our kids have any less energy to burn! Unless it’s too wet, I’m still taking D to parks to explore. Our latest one – Shelley Lake in North Raleigh. It features 53 acres including the lake and greenway trails. But, naturally, it was the playground that drew us in first.

The playground is located adjacent to the Sertoma Arts Center just beyond the parking lot. There are 2 main pieces of equipment for the 2-5 and 5-12 crowd in mulched areas as well as 3 sand areas. Two of those have swings (buckets and traditional) while the 3rd has a few teeter totters and diggers.

Unlike some other parks, there were no left behind sand toys here so it was helpful that we brought a few to play with and to share. We spent a good time enjoying the equipment, but not surprising to me, most of our time digging in the sand.

I did love how shaded the area was by trees and, with a few leaves missing, how I could see the lake from the playground. Especially since we didn’t get around to exploring the trails and getting a closer view (D wasn’t interested until it was time to go – hello, stall tactic. Next time).

There are two picnic tables at the playground and more available closer to the parking lot.

If you have the time or interest, the park also features a basketball court, fitness centers along the greenway, open fields and an arts center.

Restrooms are located in the arts center.

Shelley Lake Park…ShelleyLake.html
Sertoma Playground…/PlaygroundSertoma.html
Sertoma Arts Center…/SertomaArtsCenter.html
1400 West Millbrook Road

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