Strickland Road Neighborhood Park – Raleigh

Don’t give up on playground weather yet!  A review today from Sarah C:

One of the newest parks in Raleigh, Strickland Road Neighborhood Park, opened late last year. It offers a playground, open green space, and trails.

The playground is very nice! There are play areas for ages 2-5 and 5-12 with age appropriate equipment as well as swings and a sand box with an awning over part. Nestled into a grouping of trees, the area remains pretty well shaded. There are plenty of benches for parents that want to sit and watch as well as one picnic table.

The small open green space just off the path from the parking lot to the playground is perfect for spreading out a picnic blanket or letting your child kick around a ball.

If you feel like stretching your legs a bit more, explore one of the mulched trails. We’ve tried two – 1 led us to the pond behind the playground and 1 was a connector to a nearby neighborhood.

Park amenities:

  • Playground
  • Restroom (portable)
  • Trails

Strickland Road Neighborhood Park
12804 Strickland Rd

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