DAC’s Toddler Art Workshop

We are recovering from the fabulous event at Northgate Mall yesterday. Estimates hit my in-box today that it was over 1,000 attendees – the largest that this event has seen. NC MomsRising did a fabulous job organizing and thanks to Lango Kids, the Durham Mothers Club, the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Mothers Club, and Northgate Mall. I was pleased to be a part, even if my wild and crazy boys meant we had to skip the second session. I look forward to helping with this again next year. In the meantime, here’s another love-for-Durham post today….Enjoy!

As you know, I try to get crafty with my kids when I can. Art can open so many doors and encouraging kids’ creativity is important to me. Yet it can be messy. And I can have a hard time coming up with ideas. Hence why I was more than happy to try out the Durham Art Council’s Toddler Art Workshop. (The DAC is the same organization that brings us the clay workshop.)

These workshops change on the schedule frequently so you really need to stay tuned to the DAC’s website (see below) to find out when they are. For this session, through April 2013 for certain, they are going to be held for 1 hour on Saturday mornings. However, in the past they have been on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and sometimes Fridays. It is worth getting to if you can.

For $12 per child you are given access to a room with 4 tables in it. Each table has a different art/sensory experience for your child. An artist named Brenda puts it all together, comes up with the ideas, and provides all the supplies you would need. She clearly loves what she does and is very warm and inviting. When C and I attended there was a table of homemade playdough with various tools, a painting table (very popular), a table to decoupage your own jars and containers, and a table to make collages on old CDs or paper. At one point Brenda also whipped out some paper plate puppets. You, of course, take your finished projects home with you and can participate in each activity more than once or not at all.

There are sinks for cleaning, everything is toddler-proof and, best of all, someone else cleans up the mess when you are all done! That’s worth the money in my book.

The class is advertised for kids 18 months – 4 years of age. There were kids in there encompassing that age span so I would say that is accurate. Yet do note that there are a lot of baubles so if you have a young child still prone to sticking everything in his/her mouth this is best saved until they get older. The room does have a door and the kids were very entertained so you don’t have to worry too much about runaways. All you have to do as a parent is sit with your child and do art with them. Not a bad deal.

This would be particularly great if you have 2 children in that age span and can bring them both. They do limit the number of participants so get online to register.

These are held at the DAC’s building downtown so we popped over to the Durham Farmers’ Market and then over to Daisycakes afterwards to treat ourselves.

Durham Arts Council’s Parent/Child Toddler Art Workshops
Durham Arts Council, Inc.
120 Morris Street
Durham, NC 27701

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