Our Favorites – January 2013

I hope that you all take advantage of all the wonderful resources for parents in our area.  I feel like all the websites, newsletters, and blogs available to families is one of the things that make the Triangle so precious.  We’re all a little different but we’re all passionate about our desire to help you and share what we’ve learned.

That is why I am particularly excited about the newest MiCHill collaboration.  I am working with Cary from Social Butterflies and Kristin from Macaroni Kid Triangle to share our insider tips and thoughts.  I hope you support them as much as you have supported me ( you all are the best! ) and you can look forward to more of these special posts throughout the year.


Q: What is you favorite FREE family-friendly activity in the Triangle?


Cary from Social ButterfliesNC:

A favorite outing for my family is visiting the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences for their Daily Programs. Perfect for preschoolers and younger elementary school age children, their Storytime and Meet the Animals program are educational and entertaining. Both offer some hands on with all kinds of live animals! I usually coordinate the time we visit with the times of the Discovery Room (times vary and sometimes closed on Mondays, check before you go). The Discovery Room has animal costumes, a living beehive, fossils, seashell collection, books, live beetles boxes to explore and more! The Acro Cafe is on the top floor, so when you are finished with your museum tour, you can stop and have a hot dog and a cookie before you head home!


Kristin from Macaroni Kid: 

In Durham there are many places to visit and enjoy the outdoors, but one place in particular is Sarah P. Duke Gardens. The pleasures of walking around and viewing the different flowers and bushes is only one of the best parts of the gardens. Many visit the gardens for picnics, exercise, and playing football or frisbee. A few other great things about the gardens are the storytimes and drop-in programs for kids that are offered throughout the year. Not only are the gardens a great place to make family memories, but they are also a great place for kids to learn wonderful things about the outdoors.

Allison from Mom in Chapel Hill:

My family and I really enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors, in all ways. We love to hike and explore parks, we love geocaching. It’s kind of our thing. Unfortunately, our thing isn’t the best during the frigid winter months. So when the weather gets cold we turn to the free Sundays at Kidzu in Chapel Hill -if you can stand the crowding, it is worth it. But we also love to hit the Crosswinds Cafe at RDU. At this location, where you don’t have to buy anything at all and can even pack your own snacks, you can spend time watching planes come and go and runway activity up close and personal. It is always a hit with the boys in my life.


About Our Friends:


Macaroni Kid Triangle is a free online weekly newsletter and website for the Triangle, giving you all the scoop on what is happening in our community including events, products and giveaways.  Macaroni Kid puts everything you need in one place so you don’t have to spend your time looking for things to do and learn, you just get to have fun with your family!  Macaroni Kid has 3 community websiteDurham, North Raleigh and South Raleigh. Macaroni Kid can also be found on Facebook and Twitter

Social Butterflies in an online guide to Raleigh area kid and family events.  Issues are free and emailed to subscribers monthly.  Social Butterflies gives you all of Raleigh’s best big city events and keeps you in the know of all the happenings in small towns surroudngin Raleigh.  You won’t miss any Raleigh area favorites!  You can find us on Facebook, now on Twitter, and get the most current monthly issues on the website.

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