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We had such a wonderful weekend full of adventure, friends.  Hope yours was great, too.  One of the experiences we had was a cooking class by the Cary Dinner Fairy.IMG_1089

I have mentioned the Cary Dinner Fairy before.  The business is owned by a CIA trained chef named Jenny and there are a variety of services you can opt for, depending on what you are looking for.  There are cooking classes, personal chef services, and wine classes.  For a milestone birthday celebration we asked the Cary Dinner Fairy to come in to our home and give us a hands on cooking class.

That’s right, this happened right in our home.  Our kids could sleep upstairs while the group of us got to slice, dice, learn about new cuisine and dishes, and eat deliciously.

Jenny herself helped us set up our event yet we were taught how to cook by one of her teammates – Alyssa.  Alyssa was sweet, engaging, and personable.  And that’s important since she was, afterall, in our home for over 4 hours.

To prepare for the night Jenny asked us to pick a cuisine we wanted and we chose Greek (Italian is the most popular, of course).  We were also asked if there were any dietary restrictions or concerns as Jenny specializes somewhat in this area.  We were then given a list of potential dishes and entrees we could make and asked to narrow it down based on our preferences.  We made 1 appetizer, 2 sides, and 1 entree.  As a special treat at the end we were given dessert that Jenny had made.  Also, I still have leftovers in my fridge.

The Cary Dinner Fairy team then does all the grocery shopping for you and arrives with coolers, bags, and all items needed.  Alyssa came with her own pots & pans, her own knives, even her own dish soap and towels.  Because at the end of the night everything was cleaned for us leaving my kitchen sparkling clean.

We had to provide dishes and silverware (of course) and then as our gang was meeting early I had set out some additional appetizers.  You provide all wine, beer, other drinks, etc.  You must also be able to provide the Dinner Fairy access to a handwash sink (which you would think wouldn’t need to be said but Jenny has given these private classes outside as well).

IMG_1082Pricing is variable depending on what you cook since you are given the tab for the grocery bill at the end of the night.  In addition to the grocery costs the fee is $120 flat for a group of around 6 (that works out to $20 per person if you have 6 people for the Cary Dinner Fairy services- not as steep as it looks at first blush, right?).  After groceries were factored in to our final tally we ended up paying Cary Dinner Fairy just over $35/person.

When Alyssa arrived she asked us what sort of experience we wanted.  She asked who wanted to be interactive and engaged and who preferred to observe.  I thought that was a great touch – it doesn’t put anyone on the spot if they don’t want everyone to watch them cry while they attempt to dice an onion.

In short, this is not going to be the cheapest night you could ever do for an adult dinner party but it’s not bad either.  It’s entertainment, learning, and delicious food all in your own home.  Afterwards it’s cleaned up for you.  And as a parent this is all the more precious since it doesn’t require paying money for a babysitter or taking the children out to an event like this (torture!).

One tip: make sure you plan in advance.  Jenny and her team are busy folks so it may take a few weeks to figure out a time that works for all.  But other than that, go for it!

Bon appetit, friends!

The Cary Dinner Fairy


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