Historic Oak View County Park

From Sarah C.:

The recent spurts of warm weather tempted me into exploring a park on the east side of Raleigh recently. Having read a post on Go Ask Mom regarding the new preschooler backpack program and the mention of goats (what kids don’t love seeing some ‘kids’?), I quickly added it to my ‘to do’ list.

Oak View County Park - GoatsThe park is easy to access off of I-440 and Poole Road. It can be a little ‘hidden’ as you need to follow the road to it’s end and then follow what appears to be a private drive on the left. Continue back to the Livestock Barn and History Center for parking.

S’Rich and boys joined us on our adventure here and all 3 had a great time running around – so much that we never even got to the backpacks. There were the goats to visit with, a nice exhibit inside the barn with various fake animals to learn from (including a cow to “milk”), lots of open space to run, a house & cotton gin to explore, a garden to jump across stepping stones, a cotton field to pluck cotton, etc.

Oak View County Park - Farmers CornerJust when we thought we had fully explored, played and enjoyed, we headed into the Farm History Center. Truthfully, our main reason was for a restroom stop (priorities!). Thank goodness for that stop as we found a fantastic surprise – an interactive, play area for kids to learn about farming. There is a small garden to “plant” vegetables, a market to sell them, a kitchen to cook them, a small stage with animal costumes plus puzzles and books. We managed to have it to ourselves and our boys were in heaven. Not to mention it made for a great mommy break to sit, relax and carry on a real conversation.

Historic Oak View County Park
4028 Carya Drive

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