Parents, here is the best advice I will ever give you on this site: do not take your children in to this store.  You’re welcome.2013-01-30_11-59-08_289

Located at the Streets of Southpoint (over by the movie theatre and Cheesecake Factory) IT’SUGAR is a relative newcomer to the scene (we visited here for the first time back in January) and is all about SUGAR.  This store is part of a chain, the only location in NC is this one, and it packs in a lot of candy and treats.  Some of it is prepackaged but there is a lot in jars to buy in bulk, too.  There are classic candies you know and love and also new candies I hadn’t heard of.  Sour, sweet, amazing, somewhat sugarly revolting supsersized things…it’s all in here.

One nice touch is that if you are buying in bulk you can mix and match.  The prices aren’t crazy, it really all depends on what you get.

There are a lot of character-related and themed items in here, too, such as totes and tshirts, not just candy stuff.  Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, One Direction…something for everyone.

A random note for parents: there is a section that is devoted to more risque merchandise, suitable for bachelorette parties.  If you have kids that can read and are curious just be prepared to answer some questions.

Also know that if you take your kids in with you you will be moving so fast to contain the madness that when you try to take a photo of the inside it will look like this:


Brilliant journalism on my part, right?  I kept thinking I would take a better one but every time I have been in there it has been complete chaos.

So again, use caution when heading in with your kids.  However, if the Easter Bunny is still looking for a great place to buy confections and basket treats try this place out!

IT’SUGAR Candy Store
6910 Fayetteville Road
The Streets of Southpoint

(No phone # on file)

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