Kids Kloset

Awhile ago the boys and I were over getting haircuts (well, them, not me) at The Barbershop when we noticed the new shop Kids Kloset.  So, of course, we dropped in.

2013-03-05_14-53-02_908Kids Kloset is in Hope Valley Commons and is the newest consignment store to hit the area.  Right now Kids Kloset is best described as a “Kloset”: holy moley clothes!!  There are so many clothes in here it is great.  All sizes, all kinds.  I bought some Guess and Ralph Lauren shirts for my boys for $3.00 each. Not too shabby.  There are also some books, a few car seats and strollers, and various other gear to buy.  However, truly, Kids Kloset has a lot of great options for clothes.

In addition, Kids Kloset also has a nice play area for the kids while mom or dad shops.  C and The Bug loved it.

But what makes Kids Kloset great could also be their weakness: as of right now if you want to consign with them you can not bring in clothes.  That could change as their inventory changes in the future, but they have plenty of clothes on those racks as of today.  They are currently seeking gear, maternity clothes, books, DVDs, etc., to diversify their inventory.

2013-03-05_14-45-40_784If you want to consign with Kids Kloset the model is kind of like The Kangaroo Pouch. You drop off what you want to sell and the owner assesses it then calls you to make you an offer and she buys it all outright.  (Note that the owner herself is not normally in the store and asks for up to 4 days to assess your stuff and get back to you.) This is nice as you don’t have to worry about things if they don’t sell.  Just make sure you get a price you like (of course, it’s a lot less work then trying to sell at a consignment fair and better than donating if you don’t take a tax credit).

I am glad that Kids Kloset is in the area and hope that folks contribute to it so the inventory becomes more diverse.

Kids Kloset
No website or Facebook page yet
1125 W. Hwy 54 (Hope Valley Commons Shopping Center)
No number on file

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