Lowe’s Build & Grow Clinics

** Sadly, Lowe’s ended the Build & Grow Clinics in December 2016. **

This is the first article that is going to appear on Mom in Chapel Hill that is from the Dad in Chapel Hill.  That’s right, this is all my husband’s perspective.  Attending one of these with C has been on my to-do list for awhile but given  I had read that it was suggested for ages 5 and up we hadn’t been.  Then one Saturday DH and C went to Lowe’s together for some errands and did this while there.

Since I am way more flowery (florid) with my language than my husband, I’ll give you the bullet points of what we can share since this is, afterall, his perspective:Lowe's Build And Grow Clinics

  • This is totally fine for kids under 5, and kids of all ages were there.  Just know that parental help and supervision is required.  (You can’t drop of your child to do this and go shop while they complete the hammering and nailing.)
  • You do have to sign up in advance (see the link below).
  • These are held on Saturday mornings at stores all over the Triangle, and all Triangle stores will host the same clinic on the same day.
  • The popular locations fill up FAST (such as Chapel Hill and Durham) and you’ll have to sign up weeks in advance.  But if you want to come out to, like, Pittsboro you might have better luck.
  • Oh yeah, these are free, which is a huge reason as to why they are so popular.
  • Even though the clinics start at 10:00 am you don’t have to be there right on time.  You are essentially given a kit with everything you need then let loose on it.  So it isn’t as though it is a session led step by step by an instructor.
  • This happens in the store, in the middle of it, on the floor.  (Wear dirty jeans.)
  • Kids not only get an entire kit to create a really awesome project, they also get their own apron and their own safety goggles (to take home and keep).
  • For each clinic a child attends they are given a badge for that clinic, a la Boy or Girl Scouts.  They can add the badge to their apron and collect more and more badges through time.

C had a lot of fun with this, I know, as did my husband.  In fact, the finished product was a wooden monster truck (complete with decals and little cardboard cars to run over) that he (being C) plays with all day.  So not only was this a great, free way to compliment a trip to Lowe’s that would have been made anyways, but it also gave my son and husband the opportunity to bond, my son got to use a hammer without his mother freaking out about bruised fingernails every blow, and we now have a monster truck in our house (awesome).

The next Build & Grow clinic is this weekend, March 9, 2013, but is already full at nearly all locations around the Triangle.  The next one coming up is March 23, 2013, and there are a bunch of spots left.  So if you are interested (and why wouldn’t you be?) get signed up now! I know that a lot of families make this a bi-weekly tradition and I get it.  I can’t wait to take C to one myself and see him wield the hammer.

Lowe’s Home Improvement’s Build & Grow Clinic for kids

Lowe’s Home Improvement stores across the Triangle
every other Saturday morning at 10:00 am (give or take)
must register online prior to attending

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