Brookhaven Nature Park

From Sarah C.:

On a recent warm weekend my family was looking to get outside and explore, and I recalled seeing a sign along Millbrook for a nature park. This City Park is tucked into a neighborhood a bit north of Crabtree Mall and maintained by the Junior Women’s Club.


The entrance to the park is obvious with a wooden archway and decked overlook. There are a number of tables here to sit and picnic or just relax. Along the rails are informative signs with details on various animals and plants you might spot in the park.

The main feature of the park – the trails. There is no playground or open space. It’s all lovely wooded trails and they get a bit hilly. Some paved, some dirt. You can cross a section of Crabtree Creek or even splash in it. We saw several kids in their rainboots having a great time stomping and floating boats in it. There is even a trail that leads to a pond (on our list to explore next time).

BrookhavenA map of the trails can be downloaded from Raleigh’s website (see link below) but we didn’t find it necessary. The trails were clearly marked. DH, D & I all had fun wandering around exploring.

It’s so nice to have spots of unspoiled nature amidst the city. Truly, the quiet here considering how close it is to busy roads, is amazing. Next time you want to “get out” of the urban areas, do so by going into north Raleigh and explore Brookhaven.

Brookhaven Nature Park
Find a PDF map in the City of Raleigh Park Listing:
5125 Berkeley Street

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