Mommy Time: Personal Training

We’re on a fitness kick right now it seems (always?), and Teresa shares some benefits of getting a personal trainer today.

Need to get back in shape after having baby? Is your baby now 5 years old and you still have that “baby weight”? Just want to improve your overall fitness? Think about enlisting the assistance of a personal trainer.148596_461267669390_2094657_n

After having had a back injury and just starting up a fitness program, I wanted to begin strength training along with my cardio to prevent injury and enhance what I could do in cardio activities. But, I wanted to make sure I did it right, so I wouldn’t re-injure myself, so I went see a personal trainer.

I debated on whether I should spend the time and money on it, but I decided it was worth it to invest in my health so that I was in better shape for myself and for my family. And it’s good to carve out time that allows me to focus on myself and in doing something positive. My children also see that I am making my health a priority, and that is important to me, so that hopefully they will make it a priority in their own lives. And frankly, even the peaceful drive there and back has its benefits during a busy day!

148596_461267649390_5298634_nGoing to a trainer has also been good to keep me on track. Having it paid for and scheduled on my calendar, I feel committed to being there. Which is great when it always so easy to find something you want to do, or feel like you need to do. Even on the days I really don’t want to go, I still go. During a slump of not really doing any other exercise, I still made it to the trainer. Thank goodness.

I go to Chapel Hill Training (, which is run by personal trainer, Lauren Cruz. She has a studio located on Rosemary Street where she offers one-on-one training as well as small group training and boot camps. I love that is a small studio, so when I am there for my personal training session it is just the two of us. Also, in addition to clearly knowing her stuff and knowing how to take you to the next level without pushing you too far, she is a friendly and supportive trainer. No screaming or militant training here. Lauren will work with you on whatever your goals are, and you can determine how often and how long your training sessions will be.

So if you need some mommy time, and you want to improve yourself in the process, think about a personal trainer. You won’t regret it.

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