Tobacco Road Sports Cafe

With all the March Madness do you find that someone in your family prefers to be near a TV these days?  tobacco roadPerhaps even dine near a TV? (Or perhaps for a lot of you ACC team fans in the area, March Madness is over.)  Well, if sports + family dining is what you want then Tobacco Road is your answer.

Tobacco Road has 3 locations: Raleigh on Glenwood, Durham where you can overlook the ball park, and Chapel Hill in a spot that caused a lot of controversy due to the life size pictures in the window.  I had eaten at the Durham location a long time ago and last week a friend and I took our kiddos to the one in Chapel Hill, across from Glen Lennox.  (This makes a nice outing when paired with a trip to Oakwood Park which is right across the street and a great little playground.)

Both Tobacco Road spots I have dined at have had really great food, especially for a sports cafe.  You might not find a quesadilla but you will find fresh and delicious sandwiches with a plethora of options.  Kids’ food even includes a peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich (an allergy attack for some kids but for others heaven).  Sides you can get include fresh seasonal fruit which truly is both fresh and seasonal and sweet potato chips.  For a place all about the TV, the food is surprisingly creative and fresh.

tobacco road 2So yeah, there are a lot of TVs.  TVs all over.  I have to be honest that I don’t usually prefer to dine with my family in front of the television but man if sometimes it isn’t a nice, special treat for all.  All the TVs are going to be tuned to sports channels.  (The Durham location actually had huge leather arm chairs in a row in one area for sports watching, too.  It was serious.)  Both places offer outside dining too but even there they managed to run some TVs outside.

Staff has been great in all locations I have been to, plenty of high chairs, lots of little side rooms for dining, and lots of noise so that I never feel out of place with a rambunctious group of young ones.

The only miss I have for the Chapel Hill location is no changing table in the restroom.

Tobacco Road Sports Cafe

Locations closed on Mondays

Phone: 919-937-9909
Address: 280 S. Mangum Street, Durham, NC

Chapel Hill:
Phone: 919-537-8404
Address: 1118 Environ Way, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Phone: 919-832-3688
Address: 222 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC

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